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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Chiang Mai

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Chiang Mai

Specialized training in the Art of Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung
Wudang Tai Chi & Chi Kung
First 5-10 days: Introduction;

Tai Chi introduction on the first moves, of the 34 moves in the Wudang Tai Chi short form:
Reeling silk: partner drill for sensitivity:
Seven star step: Partner coordination drill for feet and hands:
Pushing hands and drills: Partner drill for training sensitivity:
Chi Kung (Qi Gong): Ba Duan Jin; for health, strength and vitality:
Zhan Zhuang, standing meditation for peace, balance and for creating abundant energy:
Those with more time on their hands can continue to train further, to advance there level learned in introduction, plus additional training methods related to the Wudang Tai Chi practice:

Deepening your Chi Kung practice:
Perfecting the short form:
Self Defense, Martial Applications:
Pushing Hands:
9 Palace Step:
4 Directions:
Fu Yang:
Beyond Basic level
mediate level

Wudang Tai Chi 119 moves, long form:
Weapon forms: for those who have learnt,
the full short form:
Spear Form:
Sabre Form:
Sword Form:
Da Lu:
8 Powers:
Semi contact training:
Wudang Tai Chi full self defense, applications:
Nei Kung; Iron shirt training:
(Select Students Only)
Beyond 10 days Basic level
Wudang Tai Chi & Chi Kung Times
Monday thru to Friday
(start Tai Chi any weekday)
Chi Kung 9AM - 10AM
5 Days Starts Mondays = 1500bt
Tai Chi Chuan 10AM - 11AM
Thursday 5.30PM - 6.30PM
5 Class Pass =1500bt
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Private sessions available
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