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Organic Spirilina


Organic spirilina Thailand

Organic Spirulina Chiang Mai Thailand

100% Pure Organic Spirulina conforms to stringent heavy metals specification, meeting US, UK and the EU regulation
#Toxin Free # Non GMO # Free from PHM, PCBS and Dioxins, # Pathogen Free
Certifications USDA - ECO CERT(Germany) - NATURLAND (France) - HALAL KOSHER - IFOAM Standards.
Sealed foil re-closable packaging
Certified 100% Top Quality
Finest Organic SPIRULINA
The most protein dense substance on the planet, Spirulina is a blue green Algae found in lakes or rivers, it has a shape of a single helix similar to our DNA. Spirulina is an excellent supplement to any ones diet and is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is a brain food and helps detoxify and cleanses the body, it is good for the skin, eyes and internal functioning.
Dietary Whole Food Supplement
High Protein food
A,C,E,K Vitamins
18 Amino Acids
Many Minerals and Nutrients required by the human body
High Alkaline Food
Rich Source of Iron Rich Source of Beta Carotene
Rich Source of  Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc - Potassium - Phosphorus
              Organic spirilina Powder
Organic spirilina Powder

Organic Spirulina Powder

100grms of powder

1 x 395 baht

Recommended 3 to 6 Grams a Day

Available at our Juicebar Monday to Saturday

9AM to 4PM

Organic Spirilina Tablets

Organic Spirulina Tablets

200 Tablets (500mg Per Tablet)

1 x 420 baht

Recommended 6 Tablets a Day (3 grams)

Available at our Juice bar Monday to Saturday

9AM to 4PM

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