Reiki 1 Course  Chiang Mai

Reiki 1 Course; Reiki is a wonderful tool, if you work in the holistic fields or if you just would like to learn how to use universal energy, for health, healing, spiritual development and aiding manifestation.
In this course the focus is self healing and you will be guided step by step on how to give and use Reiki, primarily for helping yourself, also you will learn other aspects related to Reiki listed below. This is the first step, for those that may be interested giving healing to others.
You do not have to be a gifted natural healer, to be able to learn to give Reiki, anyone can receive the empowerment, of Usui's spiritual healing method. 
Reiki Course Chiang Mai

Reiki  Level 1 Course 

*One Day Course on Saturdays*
Next course 24th February 2018
Alternative Dates Below
March  3rd or 10th or 17th or 24th
May 5th or 12th or 19th or 26th
June 2nd or 9th or 16th or 23rd
July 7th or 14th or 21st or 28th
After dates above, please contact us

Start time:10am and finish 3pm
Course Fee Only 3250 Baht

Course Material in PDF (Manual Digital Copy)

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Reiki Healing - Reiki 2 - Reiki 3 

Reiki Healing

Reiki Level 1 Course Insights

Shoden-The First Teachings What you will learn;
*Brief history & Introduction*
*Energy system*
*Self treatments*
*The Reiki hand positions*
*Healing environment*
*Reiki Empowerment*
* Reiki Level 1 Certificate: + Course Manual
* This Course is focused on self healing:
Reiki 1 Testiomonials


Reiki Level 1 Testimonials

Reviewed April 20, 2014
Rod and his courses are awesome, I learned so much from the course itself and from his stunning speeches. You won't regret to visit this place!
Reiki 1
Reviewed November 2016
I took the reiki level 1 class. I feel like it explained slowly and with detail we could all understand.
Amazing teacher and experienced in his field. The tea & juices were fresh.
Had an amazing lunch next door at a vegan restaurant.
Overall I couldn't ask for a better teacher or experience.
I will be back!
“Amazing experience! Highly recommended.”
Reviewed September 2016
I practised Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Rod at Body Mind and Healing and it was an incredible weekend of learning.
Very highly recommended, a great teacher, easy to find location, affordable..
I'll always remember this experience as I continue to grow, thank you Rod!
"Reiki 1 and 2, BIG TICK!!”
Reviewed March 27th 2016
If you are looking for a place to learn Reiki or continue your learning in Chiang Mai then this is place for you.
Rod, the instructor, is very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable and passes on his experience and insight in a clear and understandable way.
The courses are also great value for westerners who would would be paying between 50% - 75% more.
Highly recommended.

Reiki Hand Healing Thailand

Reiki Level 1 Chiang Mai

"I really thank you for what you have given to me. Thank you, Rod.
That definitely has changed my life! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"!
Course Fee Only 3250 Baht
Course Material in PDF
Reserve your space HERE or at the school:
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