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Then we have the universe and the cosmos to contemplate, which could be quite daunting for some of us, on a clear night take a look to the stars, for the realization of where you are. We can learn to turn our introspection inwards to the universe within by practicing meditation and then we can start to understand the vastness of who we really are. The potential to open to a deeper awareness, will start to unfold and that peace and balance within and around us, we will eventually discover. These concepts are the way of the Tao and we are lucky to have the concepts of Taoism and the practices of Qigong and Tai Chi to help us to harmonize ourselves with the natural way of living, improving our health and increasing longevity.

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We all in some way are striving to find happiness and that sense of peace that life has to offer, challenges that arise in our day to day living and interactions with others in some way may throw us off course, which may lead us to believe that life cannot give what we are truly looking for, if we take a deeper look at our planet, nature and the animal kingdom all around us, we can truly learn a lot about how to integrate harmony and peace with ourselves and others. In times gone by, some cultures such as the Chinese and the indigenous races of the Americas, did have a profound understanding about this concept and applied it as their way of life and as part of their spiritual awakening. By harmonizing ourselves with our surroundings we can make this place a better place to be.


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