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Life is a journey to improve one’s self, it is more healthier to develop one potential, by gaining the right knowledge and experience to help us on how to interact with ourselves, others and the situations that arise, reading uplifting and inspiring books on higher knowledge, can be of benefit to  to inspire and understand more, plus applying meditation for the mind and the use of exercise such as Chi Kung or Yoga for the body on a daily basis could be of great benefit

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Facing the challenges of daily life can sometimes be a little overwhelming, whether it is work related, relationships with others or just life in general, how can we adjust to our circumstances so that we live a more happier and balanced life? One of our priorities could be self development, we were never really taught how to live our lives at school, we generally learn through trail and error and sometimes things we experience plus the negative feelings and emotions we accumulate become ingrained in us, it becomes our pre conditioning, so when the challenges do arise we respond to those situations with our pre conditioning and the mixed emotions and feelings we have accumulated in our earlier life experiences.