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October 2018 to April 2019

Chi Kung & Yoga Practice and the way of Nature
Chi Kung and Yoga practiced regularly and at the appropriate time has its importance, as it helps to harmonise the body and mind, even if do not access the fullest potential in our energetic system via our practices, we can still make major changes in improving our health by regularity and discipline. The immune system operates in a more effective way and all the vital organs strengthen and the freedom from disease is enhanced. There are many whom suffer from diseases that are considered incurable by westerns methods, even when we have so called powerful medicines at our disposal, the location of the diseases lay deeper within the energetic structure of our being, mainly caused by the nature of our minds. Throughout the cycle of day and night many changes are taking place within ourselves, chemical and hormonal activity helps us to function with the harmony of health, if we transgress the law of nature and the cycle of day and night, we then compromise the way to healthy living.
Our Chi Kung Healing Course is designed for harmonising ourselves, with the way of mother nature.  
Tai Chi Chuan Chiang Mai
Tai Chi Chiang Mai

Chi Kung Healing Course

5 Day to 35 day Chi Kung Program
A specialized course helping to increase our connection to the energy within, helping to naturalize negative feelings and emotions, improving our health, increasing our vitality and our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings
Chi Kung Course Chiang Mai
Chi Kung Healing Chiang Mai

Reiki Level 3 Course 

Our next Reiki 3 course in Chiang Mai will be held on
January 13th 2019
January 15th 2019
January 17th 2019
For those that have completed Reiki 1, Reiki 2 with us and Chi Kung Healing 7 week cycle are welcome to apply for this course
Reiki Master Level Chiang Mai
Reiki 3 Course Chiang Mai
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