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Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, India

This Workshop is no longer available

Yoga Therapy
2 Day Workshop
Techniques Training Certification

Golden Opportunity to learn secrets of Yoga Therapy by a Master

Workshop by Om Anandaji

Workshop Details:

Day 1
: Anatomy & Physiology; includes Chakras, Nadis & Subtle Energy, Yoga Asana Therapy & Pranayama Therapy:

Day 2
: Kriya; cleansing body & mind, Meditation Therapy, Sanskrit Mantras & their meaning:

This workshop will combine time-honored wisdom and scientifically proven methods. Awaken your vital life force. Thousands of years old ancient secrets for yoga therapy from Mahrishis, Yogis, Enlightened Masters are revealed practiced and guided by Omji. Rejuvenate, build strength, stamina, stimulate and control over 48 diseases like Obesity, BP, Diabetes, Back Pains, Body Pains, Stress, Migraine, Insomnia, Depression, etc. for which there are limited options available in modern medical sciences. Energy–harmonizing and spirit-enhancing yoga therapy techniques and practices that will leave you inspired, balanced, and renewed.

Om ji is a scholar, studied and realized in various Ancient Scriptures.

He is currently serving as Honorary Chairman of the Paramanand University Trust, Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, Paramanand Yoga & Vedanta Institute Inc. USA

Contact Rod; 0856211374 or email here;
Diet & Detox Lecture & Yoga Therapy Workshop
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Diet, Detox and Fasting for Anti-aging, Longevity, Rejuvenation and Health
Lectures given by By Will Yongdu Holmes B.A., D.S
An in depth look on how we can use our diet for creating a more healthy and full filing life, through a better understanding of nutrition for the body and mind. In this lecture Will who specializes in helping people through detoxsification and rejuvenation programs, will give you his in depth knowledge on diet, detox, anti-aging, raw foods, liver and colon cleansing to help you to improve your health and lifestyle. There will also be a question and answer session at the end of the lecture:
Cost 350bt per person:
Reserve your space at the school or contact 0856211374 or click to email
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Next date 30th October 2011
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