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October 2016 to March 2017

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Chi Kung  Healing 5 +Day Course                                           

Weekday mornings Monday thru to Friday. 9AM-10AM.

Tai Chi Chuan Training

Weekday mornings Monday thru to Friday 10AM-11AM

Thursdays 5.30PM to 6.30PM


Yoga Asana & Meditation Classes:  5.30PM to 7PM

Hatha Yoga: Monday Ė Wednesday -Friday

Reiki Level One:  Every Saturday; Start 10AM

Reiki Level Two  Sunday: Check Website for Dates

Reiki Level Three 2/3 Times a year; Check Web for Dates

Private Reiki Sessions: Contact us to book.

Taoist/Tantric Ching Energy Course 1 For Men:                     

Starts on Sundays, Check above link for dates;

Taoist/Tantric Ching Energy Course 1 For Ladies

Starts on Sundays, Check above link for dates;


Astrology Reading Service:                                         

Personality, Location, Compatibility, 1 Year Readings:

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Healing our emotions for a better life

In all holistic healing we have to go to the root cause of our imbalances, those root causes stem from our deep emotional wounds, we can continue to blame ourselves or our external circumstances, though as we develop in our journey in life, we have a mission on this journey to improve the quality of who we are, the only way forward is to learn to step in the right direction. In all our courses we offer various ways to improve the way we live our lives, what counts the most is how you apply yourself, to improve who you are in which ever healing courses you choose.


Inner Sexual Alchemy 2

For those who have taken our Inner sexual alchemy 1 course, we are now offering Inner Sexual Alchemy 2 course; Healing Orgasms and Beyond over 2 days Starting 25th October 2016:


New Juice Corner; Enjoy freshly prepared fruit juices for your health at our school.. Opens 22nd Sept 2016!!

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Organic Raw Noni Juice Info









Inner Sexual Healing Alchemy Course  1



Tai Chi-Chi Kung-Yoga-Meditation-Reiki-Astrology:
In the Heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand - For Peace, Health and Well Being


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 Organic Spirulina







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Taiji Sensitivity Training

Ladies Info


Menís Info


Once a Month


Course 2

Check web for updates

Mare Maia Spagyric Tinctures

Originally unique healing blends

Super special discounts for students

at our school or order direct

Hatha Yoga
5 Day Beginners Course

A short course for complete beginners

or near beginners.

More Info HERE.

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