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The way we can work with improving the way that we feel, is to change the way that we think, Yoga, Chi Kung and Reiki have these elements of working with our psychology in a great way, the state or condition of our psychology is what makes our reality, regardless of the feelings, emotions and the reality of the people around us and this becomes another learning aspect of our lives, is not only learning to understand ourselves, but also to integrate an understanding, with those we interact with and how they perceive and feel also.


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Throughout our lives we experience different kinds of emotions and feelings that affect our lives and present day living, where do these emotions spring from? They seem to stem from our deepest memories, experiences and the accumulated emotions from our past, which are stored in our subconscious mind, our past will in turn affect the emotions, experiences and actions of our future in some way.

Dealing with the experiences of life can sometimes be a challenge, as our thoughts and feelings become repetitive and what ever thought or feeling we allow to predominate, negative or positive will dictate the way that we feel and act regardless of the real situation around us.


Paramahansa Yogananda

Yoga Meditation Master


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