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Friday, June 9, 2017, 10:28

Reiki Chiang Mai, journey to Mount Kurama Kyoto, Japan on a pilgrimage to Mikao Usui the founder of modern day Reiki Healing, known to the west.

Reiki Mt Kurama

Mikao Usui 

Sensei Usui was a spiritual seeker and spiritual teacher in the early part of the 20th century, during his deeper spiritual development and journey he had discovered that he had gained the power to use healing energy, known today in the west as Reiki. In this day and age his spiritual teachings are obscure and not clearly known, though his Reiki healing practices still live on and this is the focus on those that connect with this compassionate man’s teachings. His journey was not an easy one, though he had developed a power of compassion, which led him to receive the Reiki healing phenomena, which has spread throughout the modern world. 

Reiki trip to Kyoto

I somehow had the desire to fulfill a journey some time back and that journey was to lead me and my family to visit Japan in April 2017, it was like I was summoned or invited to come by a strange calling, I had this same experience some years ago in my journey travelling in India, for a pilgrimage to the Yoga masters I had studied or was influenced by. Teaching Reiki for many years in Chiang Mai, has finally allowed me to connect to the founder Usui Sensei of Reiki, place of awakening and I have a deep sense of gratitude for this auspicious blessing.

We arrived in Osaka from Thailand and internally I had a wonderful feeling to finally arrive in Japan for the first time in my life, we stayed 2 nights in Osaka before heading to the beautiful city of Kyoto, we were blessed. Originally we were going to travel around to see as many places as possible, though somehow deep inside I knew that was not necessary, we decide to spend most of our time in Kyoto and it was a delight to embrace the deep spiritual tradition and culture of this wonderful city.

Reiki birth place Mt Kurama

Trip to Mt Kurama the birth place, of Usui Sensei Reiki awakening. The birth of Usui Sensei’s Reiki happened in this very scenic area north of Kyoto, we took the Eizan country train to Kurama and we were excited to arrive at the Kurama train station, the base of the Reiki nature trail in Mount Kurama. We proceeded to the stairs leading to the main entrance leading to the trail, at the entrance there is a vegetarian restaurant to the right, as it was time for lunch we decided to eat before ascending into the mountain.

After lunch we started onward on our pilgrimage on the Reiki nature trail, we started to climb the steps and the area is special and has a great feeling about it, we all enjoyed the specialness of being here. There are various shrines and temples along the way, I would suppose that Usui Sensei would have spent some time at most of these places, practicing his meditations, the walk is relaxing and we truly admired all the things that the trail had to offer along the way, we reached the major temple on the trail named Kumara dera a Tendai Buddhist temple, Usui himself was a Tendai Buddhist according the inscription on his grave stone, here at this temple you have a view over the tops of the Kurama mountain area, located here is a major power point shaped in triangle tiles at the forecourt of the temple, there are various power points along the trail and we all took the opportunity to stand at this center, maybe we were lucky and we received some blessings just for trying, I returned again to its center for another opportunity to stand on the power spot, before we started moving along the trail.

Going along the trial we saw the roots of the cedar trees coming out of the earth and this leads to a isolated shrine known as Osugi Gongen, we nearly miss this one as the path split into two, though luckily we took the right path leading to Osugi Gongen, this is where some say that Usui had his Reiki meditation experience, his awakening to the Reiki healing power which so many practice today, the next shrine a little further down the trail known as Okunoin Mao-den is also known by some where Usui received the power of Reiki healing, this shrine was more busier then Osugi Gongen and was taken care of a lot more, maybe due to the donations left by those that came before, we paid our respect at both and I spent a few moments in meditation inside both of these shrines, though not long enough to experience anything too mystical this time, when we got home we took a look at the photos taken and we noticed some strange bright lights even side of me, at first I thought I had been blessed but on closer inspection it seems it may have been a trick of light or something like that. It was a blessing that we finally managed to be in such a lovely place in northern Kyoto we did the final decent to the other side to a little town known as kilbune, a very pretty area and another 20 minutes walk to get to the train station heading back to the city of Kyoto, I know one I will return to savior just one more time, this very scared place..

Reiki Chiang Mai

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