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Monday, June 18, 2018, 03:41

Teaching Tai Chi in Chiang Mai

As a Tai Chi teacher here in Chiang Mai, I am always looking out for good students with potential, the one's who are keen to learn but never in a rush (have patience) and are firm in the resolve to learn. There also needs to be trust, loyalty and mutual respect between teacher and student and visa versa. I remember once when I was in India I got confused and I jumped off the train (putting myself in danger) thinking I was on the wrong train, only realizing that when I manage to board the other train, that I was already on the right train from the beginning as both trains eventually joined together on departure.

Tai Chi Chiang Mai thailand

I really value what I teach and even though I am not perfect I am always perfecting my skill, a beginners mind when doing personal practice helps me with that, if your too full (know it already) there is nothing no one can teach you.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art, though it also there to nurture your spirit, so if one is only following 1 aspect and not integrating the other (harmony between heaven & earth) then you can safely say you are not practicing Tai Chi.

For those that are in Chiang Mai and have an interest in Tai Chi, we also recommend our Chi Kung training which is complementary to Tai Chi.

Our Tai Chi Classes are based on Wudang Tai Chi which is from Hong Kong and the name Wudang is in honour of Chen San Feng the farther of Tai Chi Chuan, this style of Tai Chi has it's roots in Wu Style

Tai Chi Chiang Mai

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