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Chiang Mai Thailand
For peace, Health & Well Being
For Peace Health & Well Being

Yoga Beginners

5 Day Yoga Introduction

Yoga Monday 19th December

Yoga Beginners Chiang Mai

Chi Kung Healing

5 to 35 Day Qigong Healing Course

Chi Kung  Monday 12th December

Chi Kung Internal Energy

Reiki Level 1

Reiki 1 Saturday 10th December

Reiki Course Chiang Mai

Reiki 2   Reiki 3  Reiki Healing

Yoga Chiang Mai

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Classes Chiang Mai
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Traditional Hatha Yoga

Tai Chi Chiang Mai

Tai Chi Course

Monday to Friday 10am to 11am
Start Tai Chi (Taiji) any Week Day
Taiji Moving Meditation

Tantra Chiang Mai 

Sexual Alchemy

Starts Sunday 18th December
Conservation & Cultivation 

Astrology Chiang Mai

Astrology Readings

Personality - Compatability

Relocation - Year Ahead

Online Astology Readings

Taiji Chuan Chiang Mai

Chi Kung - Tai Chi

Certified Courses
Qigong 35 Days & Tai Chi  60 Days +
Chi Kung & Taiji Chiang Mai

Reiki Healing Chiang Mai

Reiki 2 Course

Sunday 8th January
Reiki Chiang Mai
Spirulina Chiang Mai

 Organic Spirulina



Organic Noni Juice


Body & Mind Healing

Chi Kung in Chiang Mai for improving and increasing internal energy flow to improve your health;
Taiji in Chiang Mai for improvement of coordination, balance and concentration;
Reiki in Chiang Mai for inner peace, health and cultivating stillness into your life;
Yoga in Chiang Mai for detoxing the body and mind through exercise and meditation.
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